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How to Clean and Take Care of My Jewelry

-For regular cleaning, you can use the Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth, which is infused with a special jewelry cleaner. You can also use a soft cloth made of 100% cotton. It is recommended that you have separate cleaning cloths for gold jewelry and silver jewelry. DO NOT use silver liquid cleaner to clean gold-plated jewelry. It is too harsh and can dull and/or harm the gold plating.

Will The Gold Plated Ring Wear Off?

- All the jewelry made with gold plated will certainly wear off after you wear it for a long time. However, we can maintain it in our daily life, such as keep the ring away from chemical things and take it off when you do some violent works or sports. 
- If you want a jewel that will not wear off, maybe you can choose the ring make with solid 14k or 18k gold. The quality of solid gold is much more excellent than silver.

About Engraving

The fee of engraving depends on the pattern or letter or number that you want to engrave on your ring. If you need the engrave, please contact us.

About The Ring Size
-We can make all the ring size that you want. If there is no ring size that you want in the "ring size" option of the ring, please contact Us and we will help you to work it out.
- Please double check the suitable size when placing the order.
About Resizing

- If the ring you receive is not the size that you ordered, We will resize it for you for Free.
- If the ring you receive is what you ordered indeed but you purchased the wrong one, We can resize it but extra resizing handcraft fee is needed. So please make sure the correct ring size before you order it. thank you.