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​Halo Engagement Rings

Posted by Nicole on 30th Jul 2019

Halo Engagement Rings Art Deco Halo Engagement is a very special occasion in a woman's life and she wants her engagement ring to be no less than perfect. Diamond halo engagement rings are extremely popular with young brides today. This design of rings has a focal stone which is surrounded by smaller stones, creating a halo. The side stones make the centre stone appear bigger and more sparkling. The centre stone can be a diamond or any other gemstone. The shape of the centre stone varies from round or square to cushion or rectangle. Halo engagement rings are available in a …

Popular Styles of Engagement Silver Rings

Posted by Nicole on 18th Jul 2019

Popular Styles of Engagement Silver RingsThe style of your ring is one of the most important parts of buying an engagement ring. Your precious diamond ring is an expression of your personal or your partner's style. Classic, modern, vintage or something completely experimental and unique - There are several colors, settings and builds to choose from! Here are some of the most popular styles of rings that have our hearts in sterling!Solitaire Engagement Ring A solitaire is the most popular style in engagement rings. This classic solitaire silve moonstone engagement ring moonstone engagement rin …

Best Things About Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Posted by Nicole on 5th Jul 2019

Best Things About Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Getting a well-planned and unique proposal from the many she loves is indeed among the most special and memorable moments that can happen in a woman's life. An orchestrated event that leads to the presentation of a very impressive diamond ring is certainly among the dreams of women today. Though all the careful details of proposal are amazing on their own, it is actually the ring that will surely create the necessary sparkle for the moment. The best choice of ring will seal the deal for the dream of living happily ever after.Indeed, there's plenty of importance placed on engagement rings; howe …

What is the meaning of Opal Engagement Rings?

Posted by Nicole on 18th Jun 2019

How Is Opal Is FormedWhen rainwater flows deep down into the cracks of the rocks. After the evaporation of rainwater, silica deposits harden to make opal stone. The whole process takes about 5-6 million years.AvailabilityOpal stone is mined in the United States, Czech Republic, Canada, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. The most significant part, nearly 95% of the worlds opal, is in Australia. In 2008, NASA said that they found deposits of Opal on Mars.Why Is Opal Stone Beneficial For An Engagement Ring?Opal engagement ring is best for t …

The Fasion Morganite Engagement Ring Trends To Follow

Posted by Nicole on 11th Jun 2019

The Fasion Morganite Engagement Ring Trends To Follow
Every engagement ring is as unique as the person wearing it, from the style and design to the shape of the stone. With so many options to choose from.As we all know, there are many different colors ofmorganite. As a basic gemstone,One of the most precious and beautiful gemstones in existence today is Morganite, the sister stone to emerald and aquamarine, all of the beryl family. Morganite did not really have its own special name for years and so was called pink beryl. This pretty pink gemstone is rarely seen offered for sale in conventional jewellery stores and that’s because it is so rare, it …